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As a competitor in the Miss America Organization, I am required to have a personal community service platform which I have entitled “Fit, Fun & Fabulous: Instilling Healthy Habits in America’s Youth”.  In order to publicly promote this cause, I have resorted to social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Remind 101.  On these sites, I post frequent reminders directed towards my followers regarding the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, which is the main message my platform aims to promote.  In addition, I have posted about all of the community service endeavors I have been involved in relating to health and wellness, creating a semi-professional online “resume”, or record of what I have done over time.  Since I have begun promoting this cause on social media, I have attained hundreds of followers whom I currently share valuable information with regarding healthy lifestyles.  Without social media, I would not have had the opportunity to connect many individuals as I have, as frequently as I do.